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LASNE prepares to host the


… this was the name given by the court of Louis XIV to the sparkling rows of glasses that adorned the table!
Over the centuries, glasses and crystals have not lost any of their lustre, or of their magic, as will once again be demonstrated by the GLASS FAIR IN LASNE.


The Glass Fair which will be held in Lasne, like every year, over the first weekend of October, is the autumn event entirely devoted to the art of glass applied to items for the table, decorative items and collector's items.


28 years and a whole lot of history.

In 1991, the 1st Glass Fair to be held in Belgium was created as part of the 1st outdoor fair in Lasne.

In 1992, it hosted a few leading specialists in glass and crystal.
From1993 onwards, it became a reference in the field. Its reputation grew, exhibitors fought for a place, and visitors flocked to the Fair

The Glass Fair supports the Friends of the Blind. The Fair is committed to promoting human values and will be giving a cheque of 2,500 Euros to the Friends of the Blind on Sunday morning. The money contributed to the education and purchase of the guide dog that the blind or partially sighted person will receive on the day.


28 years and incredible knowledge.

It is now the largest European gathering of specialists, collectors, antique hunters, antique dealers, designers, decorators, and more. In short, all lovers of ancient and modern glass, crystal and silverware.

Pieces on display come from all over Europe, from Val Saint Lambert to Saint Louis, Vonêche to Baccarat, Chênée to Murano, Bohème to Daum.

Gently touched, they are exhibited, sold, purchased, and admired. Some are unique, others thought to be elusive are unearthed as if by magic. There is something for everyone, and for all budgets.

Let us provide a brief history of the birth of the Glass Fair in Lasne. It was founded around a circle of friends by Jean Bonnevie, a born and bred resident of Lasne, and constantly reinvents itself in a quality, wealthy and eager environment. Its memorable Inventor having passed on, this considerably expanded event is now managed by a dynamic team of Lasne residents around Charles Boseret, its Director.
A regional audience of loyal visitors and connoisseurs has expanded, over the years, to include many glass enthusiasts from all over Belgium, the neighbouring countries, and much farther afield.

Given this particularly favourable context, a wide range of high quality has developed, stocked by specialist antique dealers and merchants offering specially selected items, representing all areas of the decorative arts applied to glass and crystal.
Collectors and enthusiasts, stakeholders of the perpetual quest and curiosity, mingle together to the benefit of the market.

The first thing that strikes visitors of the Glass Fair in Lasne is the quantity and quality of the items on show, including those produced in the past at the Cristallerie Val-Saint-Lambert, whether in the service of the art of the table, decorative objects and collector's items, at prices unrivalled anywhere else in Europe.

Visitors can browse over two centuries of high quality Belgian industrial production from Vonêche, Namur and Liège. Also on display: rare glassware dating back to the 18th century and earlier, items from the factories of the Centre and Boom, the works of independent Belgian artists, including works by renowned master glassmaker Louis Leloup, and other contemporary European glass artists.

The Glass Fair in Lasne is also an opportunity to see the artistic and industrial glass productions from all over Europe, including the remarkable items produced in the period between 1880 and 1980 in France, Bohemia, Italy and Scandinavia, among others.

Curious enthusiasts will also have the chance to expand their book collections with works attesting the art of glassmaking through 21 centuries of creation.

XXVIII Lasne Glassfair

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October 2018, from 10 to 18 hours.
Centre Sportif de Lasne-Ohain (Brabant Wallon).

The event is signposted from the main access roads.

Admission: € 6, free for children under 16 years.

Information: Phone +32.495.304.817